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Staff Directory

Carrie Demers

Program Manager        cdemers@employment-solutions.org

Kelly Jones

Program Supervisor     kjones@employment-solutions.org

Janet Madume

Executive Director       jmadume@wellandheritagecouncil.com (905-732-5337)

Angie Tomanio 

Administrative Coordinator      reception@employment-solutions.org

Pratusha Caleb 

Administrative Coordinator      pcaleb@employment-solutions.org  

Candy Ashbee  

Employment Coordinator      cashbee@employment-solutions.org

Andrea Wick 

Career Counsellor                    awick@employment-solutions.org

Kathy Santoro

Career Counsellor                 ksantoro@employment-solutions.org

Ina Dziarkach

Career Counsellor                        idziarkach@employment-solutions.org

Nathan Venema

Job Developer                           nvenema@employment-solutions.org

Maja Dobric 

Job Developer                         mbobric@employment-solutions.org

Patti Stirling        

Employment Initiatives Coordinator  pstirling@employment-solutions.org