Employment Solutions staff will assist you in finding the best candidate for the job and conduct follow up meetings to ensure success of placements


Employers have access to our excellent pool of highly skilled and experienced clients.  some of the services we provide for employers are:

Job Posting Services

Do you have a job opening to fill? Call us to post your job posting or post a job online.

Screening of Applications

For every job posting you advertise, you will receive dozens of applications. Let us do the work of screening the application to a management number forwarding you the best of the best for interviews.

Job Matching and Placement

We will match your employer needs to our experienced pool of applicants and ensure the best match possible.

Follow Up Services

We will monitor the job matching and placement to ensure a successful outcome between our clients and your employment needs.

Human Resources Consultation

Do you have questions about Employment Standards or Human Rights Legislation? Do you know what you can and can’t ask during an interview. Call us with your questions and our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.

Staff Training

We offer specialized workshops in areas such as Diversity Training and Stress Management. Let us know your training needs and we will deliver the training to you or offer it at our new Training Centre.

Employer Surveys

Once a year, we host an Employer Breakfast. This fun and informational event provides employers with a small survey so that you can communicate to us what your employment needs are. This survey helps us to create of change programming to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Employer Incentives

There are several Employer Incentives available such as Training and Apprenticeship Incentives.  Call us at 905-788-3751 to learn more about these valuable initiatives and to discuss eligibility.

Job Fairs

Stop in for a tour of our facility. We have ample space to host your job fair. There are enough rooms and offices to offer on-the-spot interviews.

Canada – Ontario Job Grant

The Canada – Ontario Job Grant Program can provide employers with up to $10,000 for training costs for an individual worker, including tuition and training materials. Applications are now open for the grant program. Contact one of our Job Developers at 905-788-3751 for more information.

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