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Your first Job! Your first youth employee!

School is out and if you have a child in high school, chances are they are looking for a summer job. For youth looking for their first jobs, there are other considerations, such as Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), and the type of work they can legally do at different ages. However, help is available along the way.
The minimum age to work in Canada is 14 years of age for positions in retail stores, offices or arenas. If you are looking for kitchen prep or factory positions then you must be 15 years old. You may seek employment in the construction professions if you have turned 16 years old. Support through Youth Job Link may be available to those looking for their first real job. This is a free service offered through our office by Employment Ontario. We also recommend that before your child begins a job that they attend a WHMIS course and complete Worker Health and Safety 4 Step training that you can find by following this link : .
We offer a free general WHMIS course monthly, as we all want to stay safe. These courses are available to the general public as well.
In order to work, you must supply your employer with a Social Insurance Number. This process can be fairly simple as well, as long as you have the required documents. If your child is 12 years of age or older they may apply on their own, otherwise you must apply for them. Parents are legally authorized to apply for their child’s SIN until the child has reached the age of majority. Before applying, be sure to have the original identification available. Canadian citizens must provide a birth certificate, or certificate of Canadian Citizenship. Permanent residents must provide permanent residents card. Temporary residences must provide a work or study permit. If you are applying for your child, you will be required to supply your SIN.
You can apply in person at a Service Canada Office. There is no fee to apply for a SIN. If you apply with all your original documents in order, you will leave with your SIN at the end of your visit. Once your child receives their SIN be sure to discuss with them the importance of keeping that number safe.
SIN numbers should NOT be given on job applications or resumes. They are given to employers AFTER you are hired.
Should you have any additional questions or concerns concerning SIN numbers feel free to seek help from the links below:
Once you have your SIN number and are ready to get to work, please call or come in to one of our two offices. Job hunting is hard, but we can help!

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