COVID-19 and the Job Market

COVID-19 affected the job market in many unexpected ways. While the demand on certain fields continued to rise amidst the pandemic, the number of jobs in other fields steadily diminished.

If you are uncertain about the prospects of a certain career you are in or plan to enter, Canadian researchers have released a report outlining the impact that COVID-19 had on certain occupations and their projected outlook in Ontario that may be helpful for you:

Jobs on the Rise & Second Career

Below you can find an interesting video that summarizes some jobs on the rise due to the pandemic:

If you are interested in some of these careers on the rise and you have been previously laid off from your job due to the pandemic, you may be eligible for the Second Career Fast Track Stream. This program allows for faster training and a quicker entry in the job market for certain individuals.

To learn more about Second Career and the Fast Track Stream, click the link below:

Job Market Takeaways

One major takeaway from these data show that there are still positive outlooks for employment in Ontario so long as you are tech savvy. Since the pandemic caused more businesses to adapt to an online work environment, it is much more of an asset for an employee to understand the technological world.

If technology isn’t your thing, here are some great resources for you to start learning:

Employment Updates

If you are looking for more up-to-date information as the year progresses, you might find it helpful to look at Niagara Workforce Planning Board’s Eye on Employment, a monthly report outlining the changes in the Niagara labour market: